Programs and Resources

Ramsey County Workforce Solutions offers many programs and incentives to businesses such as:

Job posting and recruitment: Reach thousands of job seekers and hundreds of workforce professionals through our network of regional partners. 

  • Job Connect: Job Connect is the largest workforce and training network in the Twin Cities. Job Connect links job seekers, employers and workforce professionals together through its website, networking events and community outreach.
  • Construction Connect: Construction Connect provides construction related employment and training information to job seekers, workforce professionals and construction employers in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Construction Connect assists the construction industry by increasing the diversity of the workforce through its community, business and government networks and its over 12 years of presence on websites and social media platforms.
  • Job fairs: Contact us to find out about upcoming job fairs and hiring events.
  • Employer of the Day: Being an Employer of the Day is a great way to promote your company while screening and interviewing candidates on site. You can hire directly right at our CareerForce Centers.

Job placement and retention: Workforce Solutions staff recruit, screen and send employers candidates with the skills and credentials to fill their job openings. Staff will continue to meet with employers and new hires to ensure a successful experience.

Developing the workforce: Workforce Solutions assists businesses in finding qualified candidates for work experiences and internships.

  • Host an emerging worker: Through emerging worker programs, businesses provide the job, work direction and supervision, and Workforce Solutions provides the staff, pay, coaching and retention support. County staff work with each employer to place an emerging or transitioning worker at their site for up to 12 weeks.
  • Provide a youth work experience: Work with our ULEAD program to provide a job, work direction and supervision, and Workforce Solutions will provide the staff, pay, coaching and retention support for youth ages 25 and under.

Services for your current workers:

  • Skill upgrades: Assistance is available to help employers apply for state grants to upgrade the skill sets of current workers.
  • State grants: Workforce Solutions is a partner of the state to help businesses apply.
  • Incumbent worker training: We offer incumbent worker training in a variety of industries in partnership with local training providers. Businesses in Ramsey County receive discounted tuition for their employees.  
  • Layoff services: Certified employment counselors work with businesses that are downsizing to help impacted employees quickly become reemployed and access retraining and support dollars. Read about our services for job seekers.


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