Why Ramsey County?

People and businesses like Ramsey County because of its rich history, diverse population, vibrant workforce and opportunity for growth. While rich in history, Ramsey County has continued to drive forward through innovation, quality of life initiatives and investments into our community. 

Ramsey County is Highly Educated

Ramsey County is home to a skilled and educated population.

  • More than 16% of the population has a graduate or professional degree (the national average is 11.1%).
  • 41% of the population has a bachelor's degree or higher (the national average is 30.3%).
  • 90.3% of the population has a high school diploma (the national average is 86.9%). In fact, Ramsey County is home to more colleges and universities than any other county in Minnesota. 

Our Community is Thriving

Businesses are thriving in Ramsey County and, as they do, the income of our residents has risen as well, placing it well above the U.S. median. In 2016, the median income in Ramsey County was $57,717 compared to the U.S. median of $55,322. 

Ramsey County is Conveniently Located

For businesses looking to locate in the bustling Twin Cities region, Ramsey County provides the ideal location. Our proximity to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport is a major reason so many businesses make their home here and is convenient for air travelers as well as for businesses that send and receive freight.

Moving raw materials and finished products by rail or interstate is also incredibly convenient. Ramsey County is accessible by interstates 94, 35E and 694 as well as by several U.S. and state highways that provide easy access to local communities. The interstate system helps businesses and residents reach other major cities in the region, such as Chicago and Milwaukee to the east, St. Louis to the south and Winnipeg to the north. 

Ramsey County is also a major freight hub along the BNSF’s Northern Transcon route and Amtrak offers daily service at Saint Paul’s Union Depot

From Fortune 500 companies to small, entrepreneurial startups, the businesses in Ramsey County attract talent from all parts of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Despite the growth the area is experiencing, commute times remain lower than other major metropolitan areas. 

Commuters drive, take mass transit or bike to work. The Twin Cities is very bicycle-friendly with hundreds of miles of bike paths and protected bicycle lanes throughout the area, including Ramsey County.