White Bear Township

A community of approximately 11,000居民, White Bear Township is primarily made up of single-family residential housing, large tracts of light industrial areas and small enclaves of commercial development. Its residential neighborhoods are nestled in among the many lakes in the region.

A significant feature of the Township is its culture of preservation. Regional parks and open spaces dominate the landscape. 自然湿地, floodplains and upland ponds, together with large bodies of open water, contribute to the general idyllic setting of the community.

The Township maintains an extensive network of neighborhood parks and trail systems. Included in this network is a regional beach that provides lake access to residents from throughout the area. A multi-use community park features lighted baseball and soccer fields as well as an amphitheater for the arts, which is currently under development. The Township is also home to an historic airport with an unlighted grass runway used by small private aircraft and public safety providers alike.

Settled in the 1840's and formally organized in 1858, the people of White Bear Township have maintained a continuity of carefully planned growth while, 同时, maintaining the natural amenities of the beautiful region they inhabit.

white bear township mn map